We need politicians who live in the real world

Canada’s Heritage Minister Mélanie Joy does not live in the real world with the rest of us. In fact, no Liberal knows anything about the real world, which is why we keep seeing such nonsense as “climate change” measures (and taxes on a phenomenon that does not even exist) or, quite recently, an attempt to do away with the time-honoured principle of doctor-patient confidentiality.

Ms. Joy has taken it upon herself to teach a lesson to the likes of Netflix, Apple and Facebook. She demands that these Internet giants produce more Canadian content.

As every ordinary, and normal, person knows, Netflix produces a lot of Canadian content – most of its own productions and co-productions are filmed in Canada with plenty of Canadian talent. There are even Netflix shows specific to Canada, such as Between or Frontier. It is near impossible to think of ways how Netflix could be even more “Canadian” than it already is, seeing how it produces more CanCon than all the Canadian (private) TV broadcast networks combined.

I’d like to see how Ms. Joy intends to browbeat Facebook into producing Canadian content. Facebook does not produce content as such, but its users do – each and every one of us with a Facebook account. Is Ms. Joy, perhaps, planning to bring in a new law that requires every Canadian to open a Facebook account and produce at least two hours’ worth of Canadian content every single day?

As for Apple, and this shows how far removed from reality Ms. Joy is, the company is not in the business of making TV shows or films. It provides licensed shows and movies for download, to be purchased or rented. There have been rumours over the years that Apple might launch a kind of Apple-TV channel online and produce its own content, but that is not going to happen.

In other words, Ms. Joy demanding that Apple make more CanCon is like telling BestBuy to start making Canadian films and shows or Indigo that it must hire its own stable of writers to produce the Great Canadian Novel.

Yes, “Liberal” is synonymous with “ridiculous”… and they prove it every single day that they are in power.

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