We can easily fire at least 90% of journalists for being illiterates

In the Globe and Mail today, one of Canada’s national newspapers, I found this gem: “…airing [sic] on the side of caution…”. Sadly, this represents the quality of Canadian journalism (in English Canada) today.

Ironically, that newspaper’s staff are involved in the usual union-sponsored extortion tactics right now, threatening to shut down operations and/or walking off the job and starting their own newspaper.

Journalists should not be unionized, like anyone who works in an office or is not a manual labourer. Unions, after all, are merely a form of legalized organized crime anyway.

But just as we see it with teachers all the time (most of whom can’t write English either), union membership cannot make up for incompetence.

The “airing on the side of caution” howler appeared in an article written not by one but two “journalists” – Caroline Alphonso and Kate Hammer. Obviously, both of them deserve to be fired for being illiterates.

When you write for a living, be it as a translator, writer, copywriter or journalist, it is your duty to know your language(s) inside out – in fact, your command of the language must be a hundred times better than that of the common populace.

If you cannot deliver this kind of quality, go find yourself another job or field to dabble in.