Trump owes victory to Clinton

It makes your head swirl, reading all those ‘smart’ analyses in the wake of Donald Trump’s massive landslide victory in the United States. But they all get it wrong.

“Hillary Clinton lost because she is a woman.” Wrong, she lost despite being a woman. Had the Democratic Party put up any other woman, quite literally any other woman, Mr. Trump would probably have lost.

“Trump won because Americans are racists.” Wrong again. Americans voted for change and against the elitist establishment. Eight years under Barack Obama had been a disaster, and the majority of Americans can’t wait to erase that sad period from their history.

Mind you, Mr. Obama’s failure, and he’s clearly the worst US president in my lifetime, has nothing to do with the colour of his skin, but his policies and ideology.

Back in 2008, I was thrilled about the candidate Barack Obama, but then seriously disappointed by the president Barack Obama.

Proof again that electing or appointing someone solely on their affiliation with one or another ‘minority group’ is wrong and ends in disaster.

Democrats made a grave miscalculation. They figured their candidate, Mrs. Clinton, would be elected simply because they, and their friends in the mainstream media, said so. Simply because she represented the political left. And she never spelled out a clear vision for America; instead, she kept attacking her opponent and denigrating his supporters.

Thus, she kept warning the American public that Trump supporters might start a civil war if their candidate lost. What silly exaggeration, especially in light of recent events.

As it turns out, it’s not Trump supporters who are committing violent acts, destroying public and private property and assaulting individuals, but Mrs. Clinton’s army of supporters.

True to form, lefties turn to violence (and possibly much worse) if their side doesn’t win. They never accept democratic outcomes unless they come out in their favour.

To be a lefty, your heart must be filled with jealousy and your mind bent towards criminality. This was true of modern-day lefties’ predecessors, the National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany, and it is more than applicable to them today. And their recent actions across the United States bear this out: Do as I say, or I’ll kill you. That’s the typical lefty’s mantra. (Frankly, they should all be banned as organizations and/or parties and excluded from any and all elections, given their penchant for extreme violence.)

Remarkable, too, in this context is the surge in open and public calls for Mr. Trump’s assassination via social media – further proof that lefties cannot and will not accept the results of proper elections if they lose. Their standard response to losing is to kill their opponents.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies will have plenty of work. In my humble opinion, all those calling for Mr. Trump to be assassinated should be jailed for life.

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