Trump, Brexit, etc. – People aren’t taking it anymore

When a self-anointed authority keeps telling you what to say or think, you’ll soon reach a breaking point and scream, “I can’t take it anymore!” Living like that isn’t living; it’s living a nightmare like 1984 or under some totalitarian regime (Marxism, Nazism, etc.).

Ideology is quickly becoming as repugnant as fundamental religious beliefs, and therefore shouldn’t be imposed on others against their will.

In fact, an ideology that lords it over people and their right to free speech and thought is dangerous and even fatal (Jordan Peterson is true hero of common sense!). This is what happened under Communism and the National Socialists (yes, they were socialists, lefties, which is why labelling any ‘right-wing’ person or party as ‘Nazis’ is completely wrong; the real Nazis today are found on the left side of the spectrum, such as in labour unions).

The mainstream media act as the mouthpieces or conduits for those who wish to visit such ideological plague on the unsuspecting. If you are a person who can add two and two together, you’ll be familiar with the usual lies that are spread over the media in an attempt to brainwash people: climate change is man-made; open borders and multiculturalism are good for you; there are no Muslim terrorists; there are more than two sexes in Mother Nature; and on and on.

Enough with these lies, said the Brits earlier this year and voted to take their country out of the European Union.

Enough with these lies, said the Americans the other day and elected Donald Trump president of the United States of America.

The day after, in both these cases, the mainstream media, as the agents working for the establishment, keep convening discussion panel after discussion panel to address the spurious question: How could this have happened?

The answer, my friend, is crystal-clear: while racists, sexists and other ‘special-circumstance’ mindsets do exist (everywhere, but most actual racists and bigots are generally found among the political left – just take as an example the pandemic anti-Semitism that characterizes all left-wing parties and labour unions), the vast majority of people instrumental in the above electoral outcomes did what they did because they’d had enough of all the lies and the brainwashing at the hands of a morally decrepit and downright criminal ideology.

They have all decided that they won’t tolerate political correctness (a mental disease) any longer. Anyone with a working brain can see what’s going on in the world around them and that the reports and opinions flogged by the mainstream media don’t jibe with reality at all.

Accordingly, the Brits have concluded that open borders aren’t healthy and that the European elites don’t know best. Americans, likewise, reckon that the world we live in today requires a different approach – even if that involves waterboarding suspected or known terrorists.

All these events may seem sudden and unexpected to some, but no one should find this surprising, really. When you muzzle people long enough, they’ll explode like a bomb, and everything and everyone is sent flying.

This is the price to be paid when the elites keep telling you that the problems you see and hear about are only in your mind. Well, they are not just figments of your imagination after all: crime is a major problem; any considerable influx of Muslims into any Western country is dangerous; so-called minorities that keep making unreasonable requests for equally unreasonable accommodation should never be given so much as the time of day; climate change isn’t man-made, but simply yet another of many cycles our planet has been going through, etc.

Again, anyone who can add two and two knows the above facts to be true. This doesn’t make you a racist, bigot or whatever, but merely a realist with both feet firmly on the ground – rather than floating around a fairy-tale land with unicorns and other magical creatures the way Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau does.

Trump and Brexit are merely the beginning of a revolution of ordinary people who’ve had enough. There’ll be plenty more of this to come, such as in France, where the Front National stands a very good chance of winning the next general elections, or even more instances of EUxit, as Britain won’t be the only country to file for divorce from the corrupt elites in Brussels.

And in Canada, too, we’ll see ordinary folks rise up against the establishment – the writing is already, writ large, on the wall, especially by 2019 when Mr. Trudeau’s damage to Canada will have become obvious even to the dumbest individuals with single-digit IQs (that is, those who voted for him in 2015).

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