Trudeau Liberals ring out the old year

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing his end-of-the-year tour, talking to the media about the year he’s had. But, spoiler alert, it’s not looking good, neither in the rear-view mirror nor in the crystal ball.

First off, the Prime Minister has finally admitted that his “cash-for-access” fundraisers with rich and powerful Canadians and foreigners may not be as ethical, or lawful, as he has been claiming all along.

It turns out, government business is discussed at those fundraisers, and Mr. Trudeau and his ministers are, indeed, lobbied (in full violation of the law) – just as the Conservative and NDP opposition parties have been saying.

“I can say that in various Liberal Party events I listen to people, as I will in any given situation, but the decisions I take in government are ones based on what is right for Canadians and not on what an individual in a fundraiser might say,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr. Trudeau claims that he is not influenced by anything he is told at the fundraisers. That’s quite rich for someone who has never learned to think for himself all his life. That is to say, his explanation must not only be taken with a gigantic grain of salt, but discarded altogether.

Unfortunately, this typically Liberal corruption doesn’t stop there: indications of serious corruption have also just been identified at the Trudeau Foundation, with foreigners, in particular, buying influence with the Prime Minister.

Coming back to the crystal ball, it doesn’t look good for the Trudeau Liberals, and particularly so, as it is a pro-Liberal newspaper, the Globe and Mail, that has been among Mr. Trudeau’s harshest critics on that score.

But the Liberals’ track record to date isn’t looking sharp either. As a Globe and Mail columnist notes, Mr. Trudeau has responded to questions about the past year by giving answers “full of blahblah”.

As for Mr. Trudeau’s accomplishments,

He set out a carbon-­pricing policy, struck a climate deal with eight premiers, approved the Trans Mountain pipe line and closed the Canada­-EU trade deal initiated by predecessor Stephen Harper. And that didn’t count early 2016 accomplishments such as a CPP deal, infrastructure deals and an assisted-­dying bill.

there’s hardly anything that Canadians want, except the pipeline, perhaps. “Man-made climate change” is a hoax cooked up by the extreme left to introduce communism through the back door, so any of Mr. Trudeau’s measures on the subject are not only useless, but extremely dangerous to the well-being of Canadians and Canada’s economy.

The CPP deal, or top-up of the existing public pension plan, will put many Canadians in the poorhouse. On the pretext that Canadians weren’t saving enough for retirement, Mr. Trudeau took it upon himself to solve the problem: pulling even more money out of Canadians’ pockets, particularly those who can least afford it.

Of course, Mr. Trudeau never understood simple math: Canadians didn’t sock away more money for retirement because they didn’t want to; they simply couldn’t, and still can’t, because taxes eat up at least 45% of people’s annual income. And as if that weren’t bad enough, they are nickel-and-dimed to death by government agencies and Crown corporations in a multitude of ways – especially in Ontario these days.

When you add it all up, you’re lucky if you’re left with 15% of your annual income at the end of the year, and certainly a lot less if you’re a working poor or at the lower end of the so-called middle-class.

How do you squeeze water out of a stone? We’ll find out soon, but it won’t be pretty. Get ready for an increase in the number of the homeless.

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