The revolution of those left behind

I have come across a highly interesting article in an Austrian newspaper, which explains the root causes behind Brexit, Trump and future ‘revolutions of those left behind’.

The article refers to the economist of all economists, Adam Smith, and his theory, which, as the article states, has been proved and verified time and time again, which goes like this: a society enjoying growth and prosperity will evolve to the ideals of liberalism and democracy. If growth stagnates, or declines, however, the end result will be along the lines of Brexit and Trumpism – or ‘worse’.

It is pointed out that it’s not GDP as such that shapes people’s perception of growth, or the lack thereof, but the very money that is available to them in their pockets and/or bank accounts.

As the article observes, frustration in the US has clearly reached all the way to the upper middle class, which is the only way to explain the massive landslide victory of Donald Trump.

Leaving aside Britain and the US, this model, which has stood the test of time, enables us to gaze into the crystal-ball to see what’s in store for Canada under Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government. Based on this, Canadians will experience their own Brexit/Trumpism – and there is no doubt about this.

As I recently wrote in this space, frustration with elites and the establishment is already on the rise in Canada. Under Mr. Trudeau’s mismanagement of Canada’s fiscal health and policies designed to destroy what’s left of Canadian households’ prosperity, the grumbling and mumbling one hears among Canadians will only get worse.

Let’s not forget that all three levels of government in Canada steal at least 45% of every Canadian’s hard-earned income – or even a lot more, depending on the province one lives in. So, the money Canadians have in their pockets or bank accounts is getting less and less all the time. Thanks to Mr. Trudeau, the rate of depletion will accelerate between now and 2019 (and, sadly, for a long time thereafter, on account of federal deficits, measured in the three-digit (almost) billions, which Mr. Trudeau’s government has decided is the right way forward).

Despite Mr. Trudeau’s repeated claims that all that spending is to stimulate Canada’s sluggish economy, none of it has shown any positive effect whatsoever.

To add insult to injury, he’s also decided to impose a federal carbon tax to live up to his commitment to fighting climate change (a natural phenomenon, not ‘man-made’, and a ploy by the extreme left to introduce communism through the backdoor and destroy Western civilization as we know it).

Luckily for the Americans, they will now have a president who doesn’t fall for this lie and will do absolutely nothing in terms of ‘climate change’.

Too bad for Canadians, because Mr. Trudeau has promised to stick to his carbon tax, which means that Canadian businesses will lose all semblance of competitiveness with American companies. In other words, Canada’s economy will wither away, and so will all the jobs, which are already in short supply as is.

Regardless of where Canada’s GDP stands in 2019, the next time Canadians go to the polls, it will come down to the fact that Canadians will have seen their prosperity dwindle (or evaporate) – it is not an actual number or amount that matters, according to this theory, but the direction of the trend.

Mr. Trudeau and his fellow elitists (the establishment, the mainstream media, etc.) have done a great job laying the groundwork for Canada’s own ‘revolution of those left behind’.

Reasonable and common-sense Canadians know that Mr. Trudeau must be removed from office sooner, rather than later. But being the democracy that we are, we must wait until the next general elections.

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