The Man In The High Castle – a sign of the times?

A trip to the moon? Done. Next up: sending people to Mars. Flying from Europe to San Francisco in just 45 minutes. People living in clean and safe neighbourhoods. This is 1962, after all. But: people who disagree with conventional wisdom run the risk of “going up in smoke”, and, oh yeah … Adolf Hitler is in charge. Continue reading “The Man In The High Castle – a sign of the times?”

Social media (and intellectual) skills in ever shorter supply

I have to admit it: social media are increasingly giving me the creeps. Or more precisely, the users of social media who can’t, or won’t, tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t. Continue reading “Social media (and intellectual) skills in ever shorter supply”

Bald-faced lie: Canadian elites are safe

The elites and their mouthpieces are making me laugh. There has been a drastic rise in the number of opinion columns recently that seem to promise Canadians, and the world, that Trumpism, Brexit, Front National, etc. cannot possibly happen in good and decent Canada. In fact, I see one such untruthful column at least once every day. Even The Economist recently published an unctuous encomium about Canada that contained only about 10 per cent of truth and fact.

Continue reading “Bald-faced lie: Canadian elites are safe”