Bald-faced lie: Canadian elites are safe

The elites and their mouthpieces are making me laugh. There has been a drastic rise in the number of opinion columns recently that seem to promise Canadians, and the world, that Trumpism, Brexit, Front National, etc. cannot possibly happen in good and decent Canada. In fact, I see one such untruthful column at least once every day. Even The Economist recently published an unctuous encomium about Canada that contained only about 10 per cent of truth and fact.

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Dose of realism and common sense

Britain has voted to leave the European Union (EU). Good decision. In fact, every EU member state should vote to dismantle the artificial supranational structure and organization of the EU and focus instead on creating a proper and prosperous free market characterized by the free movement of goods, services … and people. A free single market only needs participants, not an undemocratic Big Brother organization.

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Regarding the fictions of “Canada” and “Europe”, plus rethink on immigration

“Le Canada, ce n’est qu’un pays imaginaire,” former Parti Québécois leader Pierre-Karl Péladeau famously (and notoriously) said – Canada is nothing more than an imagined country, a fiction – and he’s got it absolutely spot-on.

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