Sorry, folks, our government is beyond all help

Last time I checked, this country here is Canada. It’s a western country and not a Muslim country. But thanks to our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, this may just have changed.

The Trudeau government recently received some rich Saudi and invited him to Parliament, where Muslim prayers were performed and women MPs had to wear veils.

Big mistake. As everyone knows, in Islam, any space where Muslim prayers are performed automatically becomes Muslim property or territory. Yet, Mr. Trudeau green-lighted Muslim prayers to be performed in Parliament.

Whatever happened to “separation of church and state”, one wonders. Clearly, Mr. Trudeau has never heard of the concept.

As has been noted elsewhere, if we send a delegation of parliamentarians to a Muslim country, we should, by all means, show respect for the receiving country and, if it can’t be helped, put veils on women delegates. But when these people come to our shores, it is they who must show respect to us and our ways.

One columnist, Richard Martineau, is beside himself over this and wonders whether a having a nudist over for dinner at your home means that you and your family have to take off all of your clothes. If one were to follow the Trudeau doctrine, or that of Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne, the answer would be a resounding yes (as wrong and deranged as it actually is).

This accommodation thing has gotten way out of hand. No wonder that two-thirds of Canadians, at the very least, as confirmed by several recent polls, have it up to here with immigration and bending over backwards for every riff-raff that enters Canada.

And this whole affair is immensely troubling, because religion and state affairs should never be mixed the way Mr. Trudeau has just done. Particularly, where the “religion” in question is Islam.

Sorry, but this is my personal opinion to which I’m entitled, just as anyone else is entitled to holding different views: Islam, at best, is a cult, but not a religion. In my view, therefore, it is not worthy or deserving of any special treatment or accommodation.

I’m not an atheist, but it’s plain as day that all religious teachings are nothing more than legends and fairy-tales. We can all believe in whatever we choose, but none of us will find out the actual truth until after we have crossed over to the Great Beyond.

Therefore, for any group to claim that they know the truth, even willing to kill others over such ridiculous assumption, is so beyond the pale that any reasonable, clear-thinking person should just give them the finger.

This goes for fundamentalist Christians, as it goes for Muslims.

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