We need politicians who live in the real world

Canada’s Heritage Minister Mélanie Joy does not live in the real world with the rest of us. In fact, no Liberal knows anything about the real world, which is why we keep seeing such nonsense as “climate change” measures (and taxes on a phenomenon that does not even exist) or, quite recently, an attempt to do away with the time-honoured principle of doctor-patient confidentiality.

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OMG, Internet down, all hands to battle stations!

Faced with a bit of adversity today, I still found the time to LOL. You see, in most of eastern and central Canada (Ontario and Québec), and parts of the US eastern seaboard, the Internet was down for several hours.

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Andrew Coyne gets it (deliberately?) wrong again

Andrew Coyne, the scion of a Liberal family, always refuses to admit that he is a Liberal, and that Justin Trudeau is his God, but virtually every column he writes (for which he is grossly unqualified and overpaid) betrays his true leanings – as does his most recent one, in which he argues in favour of a carbon tax in Canada (even if the United States does not adopt one) and an ever decreasing Canadian dollar.

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Alberta started it all

Back in 2012, many people were getting ready for the end of the world, on account of the Mayan calendar reaching its end in December of that year. A friend of mine and I were joking that it wouldn’t be the end of the world, merely the end of the world as we knew it, for nothing would be the same – what used to be up, would be down, and what used to be down, would be up. I guess we were not that far off the mark.

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Trump, Brexit, etc. – People aren’t taking it anymore

When a self-anointed authority keeps telling you what to say or think, you’ll soon reach a breaking point and scream, “I can’t take it anymore!” Living like that isn’t living; it’s living a nightmare like 1984 or under some totalitarian regime (Marxism, Nazism, etc.).

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