Open letter to Scotland

Dear Scotland,

scotlandyesnoA proud nation seeking independence does so for the purpose of truly being free. Independence is not achieved by subjugating oneself under the rule of someone else.

There are two choices before you now. If you want to belong somewhere, stay in the United Kingdom. If not, hold a referendum and, in the affirmative, build yourselves an independent Scotland.

It would be futile, not to mention insane, to go through the process of achieving independence only to hitch your wagon to the dying star of the European Union, where you would be less free than you are now within the United Kingdom.

For the European Union is a corrupt and undemocratic dictatorship that does not tolerate free will or freedom of expression.

Personally, as a sovereignist and separatist, I applaud your willingness to take that crucial step towards freedom, but in freedom, you should look to role models other than the European Union.

Here, in Québec, Switzerland is held up as such a role model, and when the day comes and Québec becomes an independent nation, free of the shackles and corruption imposed by Ottawa, we will follow the path of Switzerland, truly the most successful country in Europe – in large part because it has remained outside the European Union. (The Swiss have always played their cards right.)

Should you choose independence and leave the United Kingdom, I sincerely hope that you will act like a reasonable, grown-up and mature independent nation and take the “Swiss option”, instead of aligning yourselves with corruption, filth and suppression.

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