OMG, Internet down, all hands to battle stations!

Faced with a bit of adversity today, I still found the time to LOL. You see, in most of eastern and central Canada (Ontario and Québec), and parts of the US eastern seaboard, the Internet was down for several hours.

The Internet where I am broke down around 11:00 AM, but was restored around 2:00 PM. Using my iPhone to check on outage reports, I quickly learned how widespread the outage was and that all Internet service providers had been affected.

Nevertheless, most people didn’t do their homework, but decided instead to attack their ISPs.

“F… [ISP]”, “I’m going to cancel my service with [ISP]”, “[ISP] can keep its sh…y service and equipment!”

So funny. Apparently, when the Internet is down, the first and most important step is to attack and threaten one’s service provider.

All I can say is that I’m happy with Bell Fibe – and no, this is not an #ad kind of article, and I’m not getting paid by Bell to write these lines.

I’m happy with Bell Fibe because that was the first time in two and a half years (that I have been with this service) that I have lost the Internet. And as it turns out, it wasn’t even my ISP’s fault.

By contrast, Rogers and Vidéotron (same technology and equipment) customers experience outages in their services (TV, Internet) at least once a month. When I lived in Alberta, it was the same story with Telus and Shaw.

I’m OK as long as I experience a relatively brief interruption in my service only when a good chunk of the continent’s infrastructure is down, rather than as a built-in feature that keeps spreading anger and frustration on a regular basis, as is the case with all the other ISPs.

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