New Macbook Pro quite impressive

The time has come to upgrade to a newer model. After three years or so of using my (oldish) Macbook Pro, I have finally gotten around to getting one of the new Macbook Pro laptops with Retina Display and solid-state memory (yes, no more spinning disk inside).

I have to say I’m quite impressed by how it has changed: it is a bit smaller, substantially lighter and much slimmer.

This new model also has enormous battery power – it can remain on standby for up to 30 days (thanks to the solid-state memory, it is now just as efficient as the Macbook Air).

Charging the battery is a relatively quick affair, too – from 0% to 100% in about an hour and a half, and this while using it, downloading and installing all sorts of stuff.

Once I had set it up as a new computer, I was a bit surprised to see the whole “Office” package already there (Pages, Keynote, Numbers). Microsoft still requires users to purchase and install that separately.

I like my new Macbook Pro. Or, as I like to say, an Apple a day keeps all sorrows away… .