More blood on Angela Merkel’s hands

The blood of the people killed by Muslim terrorists at a Christmas (and not holiday) market in Berlin, Germany, sticks to the hands of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

It was, after all, Ms. Merkel who welcomed all and sundry last year, telling the world that Germany’s borders were wide open.

What this latest tragedy demonstrates is that immigration and flows of migration must be controlled properly. There’s no laissez-faire in these matters, no matter how loudly the political left may scream.

Canada’s Liberal government actually did something right for a chance: when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to take in 30,000-odd Syrian refugees, he made it very clear that the process had to be done by the book, with all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

Thus, refugees were hand-picked, and only those that had already been cleared and recognized as such by the United Nations. Furthermore, single men were a big no-no. Only families were selected.

By contrast, Europe, and in particular Germany, has been overrun, nay, invaded by mostly single men, many, if not most, of whom are not genuine refugees, but members of a hostile and terrorist invasion force.

Countries such as Germany have a duty first and foremost to their own people, that is, they must protect the safety and lives of their people. They and their lives must never be put at risk. One must never forget the overriding principle: charity begins at home.

As a result, the flow of refugees (and “refugees”) must be controlled through measures nothing short of draconian. Who is admitted as a refugee must be determined according to the letter of international law, which states that people must seek refuge in the nearest safe country. As for Syria, no European country meets that definition, which means that, strictly speaking, Europe does not have to admit a single Syrian refugee.

It goes without saying, of course, that European countries can still accept Syrian refugees on purely humanitarian grounds, but they need to be screened and vetted the way Canada has done – and no single men, of any age, shall ever even be considered.

Many people look at the news and see what’s been happening in Syria, and their hearts start bleeding. It’s the human thing to do. But then it’s necessary to switch on the brain again and think things through logically and reasonably. The Muslim world has always been at war with each other, with one group of Muslims killing another group of Muslims, because the latter are infidels in the eyes of the former, and so on and so forth.

That is to say,  it is Muslims that cause these problems, so it should be left up to Muslims to deal with the aftermath. Saudi Arabia, for example, is a rich country (and sponsor of several radical and/or terrorist groups), so let them take in all those Syrian refugees and help their brothers and sisters. Why should the West have to deal with the mess that others created?

The scenes out of Aleppo are tragic, but, sadly, nothing new where the Muslim world is concerned. Nor will it be the last time that people in the West have to witness such atrocities in that part of the world.

Last year’s migration to Europe wasn’t anything like “regular” streams of refugees – people who lose everything and their livelihood in a natural disaster, for example. No, it was a deliberate attempt to invade Europe and start waging war.

Ms. Merkel was short-sighted and exposed her people and those of other European nations to death and destruction (astronomic increases in violent crime, rapes and terrorist attacks).

Europeans must now work in concert to figure out what to do. By no means should all Muslims be painted with the same brush, but everyone whose file throws up even a tiny question mark must be deported immediately, and, naturally, all the borders must be sealed off. Open borders are for a world that does not exist (yet?). Maybe, and hopefully, we will get there one day, but that time isn’t now.

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