It was just a fancy-dress party

University students organize a fancy-dress party. The theme is costumes from different countries and regions. Photos of the party appear online, and the students at the party are immediately branded racists by typical lefties.

It’s frankly enough to make people vomit. It was just a party and nothing else. Those students didn’t have any bad intentions. All they wanted was to party and have a good time.

A comedian, Celeste Yim, whom no one had ever heard of and who is now known the world over for lacking a sense of humour, was among the first to insult the students by calling them racists.

It makes you wonder where that outrage is whenever Canada’s leftist leaders dress up in ethnic costumes like clowns – in particular, Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne.

Two Liberals dressed as clowns.
Two Liberals dressed as clowns.

These two anti-Canadian Liberals never miss a chance to kowtow to foreign (and sometimes hostile cultures) while on Canadian soil.

When I shared photos of Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Wynne dressed as clowns on the social media, some lefties responded by sending pictures of former prime minister Stephen Harper wearing ethnic clothes.

Well, they got that wrong, because on all those occasions, Mr. Harper was overseas and showed his respect to the host culture of the country he was visiting.

And that’s the crux of it all: our politicians in Canada should never wear ethnic clothes to pander to and appease foreign cultures in Canada. Instead, it ought to be the other way round: it’s those who visit or come to live in Canada that must adopt our ways and our rituals.

Unfortunately, there are still too many people suffering from the mental disease known as political correctness. Ms. Yim should seek professional help quickly – and consider a career change, because she is not funny, just a sad, politically correct clown.

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