Help, progressives on the loose!

I’m not a climate change denier. It’s a real phenomenon, but the one thing that isn’t true is that it is ‘man-made’. You want proof? I’ll give you proof: the fact that none of our global measures will reduce the planet’s temperature proves that ‘man’ has no control over climate. Scientists, too, have confirmed this: we could impose a Stone Age-like lifestyle on all of us, all over the world, yet the planet would continue getting warmer in the foreseeable future. And since our actions have no effect whatsoever, it follows that the phenomenon itself could not have been caused by anything we did or do either.

Don’t get me wrong: I hate pollution and wastefulness. I’m one hundred per cent behind every initiative that will bestow on us cleaner air and water. I’m also proud to say that I’m an outlier – as the CBC’s Marketplace consumer-affairs program recently revealed, Canadians (private households, supermarkets and restaurants) waste a lot of precious food. If memory serves, the program informed us that Canadian households toss out around 25 per cent of groceries they buy, without ever consuming them. Well, that’s not me. Everything I put in my fridge I use. I never throw food out.

I’m also in favour of motor vehicles that are powered by anything other than fossil fuels, because it makes for less pollution. In fact, I don’t drive, nor have I ever driven – I rely solely on public transit wherever I go. That’s what I’m concerned about, and not some fairy-tale story cooked up by the radical left to introduce communism through the backdoor.

You see, we keep hearing from those progressives (who, in fact, are regressives, because they want to take us back to a time and ideology that no longer hold true for any of us) that we must make tons of sacrifices to preserve the planet for future generations.

But what does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau think of the well-being of future generations (of taxpayers)? Nothing, absolutely nothing, as Andrew Coyne illustrates in one of his latest columns. The Liberal government is spending billions and billions of dollars, which the country doesn’t have, increasing the national debt and guaranteeing poverty and misery for future generations of Canadians.

Where’s the progressives’ outrage over the damage that’s being inflicted on future generations? Where’s their outrage over Mr. Trudeau’s disregard for sustainability?

At the rate Mr. Trudeau is spending our money, there won’t be any left fifteen, twenty, thirty years down the road for health care, education, infrastructure, defence … you name it. In fact, the outcome will be so bad that even 75 or 85 per cent income tax rates won’t be able to save the nation.

As Mr. Coyne has explained in his column, regardless of the billions Mr. Trudeau has set fire to, all in the name of ‘stimulus’, the economy is not doing any better – as matter of fact, it keeps slowing down.

One only needs to look at Ontario, which, if it were a country, would be one of the most indebted nations on the planet right now. That province has been literally run into the ground by the provincial Liberals, with the result that individuals and businesses are being nickel-and-dimed to death – taxes, user fees, one of the world’s highest electricity rates, and so on and so forth. No wonder that no business wants to set up shop there and create jobs anymore.

Unfortunately, thanks to Mr. Trudeau at the federal level, the Ontario model will be Canada’s future – a corrupt government open to bribery (Mr. Trudeau’s illicit ‘cash-for-access’ fundraisers) and no jobs and no prosperity in sight.

I don’t hold a grudge against anyone who voted for Mr. Trudeau in October 2015. The former Conservative government under Stephen Harper had been in power for too long, and it was time for change. But anyone who votes for Mr. Trudeau and his Liberals next time around deserves to be admitted to a mental asylum.

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