Dishonest and lying media

Why is Donald Trump such a big hit with so many people, not only in the US, but all over the world? Because, whether you like him or not, whether you agree with what he says or not, he says what he truly feels, and what a growing number of people believe as well. In a recent CBC documentary on body language, an expert in the field confirmed that Mr. Trump’s body language proves that what you see is what you get. In other words, unlike former President Bill Clinton, Mr. Trump doesn’t lie, but says what he knows, or believes, to be true. That he may be wrong on several things is really beside the point. What matters is that he’s authentic and genuine, and this is what people are looking for in their leaders nowadays.

When Mr. Trump attacks the mainstream media as dishonest and lying (and he’s not alone – a majority of Germans have taken to calling their media Lügenpresse, or the “lying press”), he does have a point. For far too long, the mainstream media have been lying to all of us – most prominently on the issue of “man-made” global warming or climate change. While our planet may be changing, which is only normal, it being a living organism, it does so on its own force, without any “man-made” input.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, therefore, that the dishonest and lying media are also the ones that are increasingly losing readers. Once considered Canada’s biggest newspaper, based solely on circulation, the Toronto Star is now on its death bed.

In light of this, it’s amazing that a columnist for one national newspaper, and commentator on CBC News, should find it necessary to spread blatant lies to his readers:

[Kevin O’Leary] can’t speak French, doesn’t think it matters, and isn’t going to learn: it was all his handlers could do to get him to pretend that he would.

The only question that remains is whether Andrew Coyne is deliberately deceiving his readers, or whether he is is truly oblivious to the known facts – Mr. O’Leary has, indeed, started learning French, and has told Québec media that he was wrong when he originally said that French didn’t matter. In fact, he has made a commitment that he’ll be fluent in French by the time he faces off against Justin Trudeau in 2019.

This is not to endorse Mr. O’Leary, but it’s true that Mr. O’Leary is not afraid to learn from past mistakes and reassess situations if and when parameters change. He wouldn’t be the successful (and rich!) entrepreneur he is if he didn’t.

If Mr. Coyne genuinely doesn’t know, he should refrain from presenting his views as facts. For example, he could have phrased his sentence along these lines:

“Kevin O’Leary will probably never learn French. He might have said so only to appease his critics …”

It’s a classic case and example of how the media, and members of the elites, and Mr. Coyne is an elitist of the worst order, keep trying to pool the wool over people’s eyes.

And this is why people are flocking to Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage … .

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