Brexit reactions

After Britain has decided to leave the European Union, everyone is talking about nothing else. Let’s take a look at some of the reactions.

His Lordship, Conrad Black, writes:

The Europe Britain has rejected, led by the unelected ciphers of Brussels, was a mad concept and it was never going to work as planned. […] In Britain, the special flourish is the anti-democratic nature of the Brussels authority that intrudes more and more constantly into the lives of average people. Brussels is essentially supranational civil servants issuing an unceasing torrent of authoritarian directives down on all parts of life in the EU. This imposition has grated steadily on the British, from the display of bananas in supermarkets to the (one-size-fits-all) size of condoms, to the revocability of the decisions of the highest courts of the United Kingdom by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. […]

Indeed, the EU is run by “ciphers”. The “banana issue” is only one of many examples of the EU imposing its one-size-fits-all decrees on 28 countries without so much as giving each country’s uniqueness a second thought. This is why the EU was doomed to fail, and has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia (although these sentiments exist as well, unfortunately).

Rex Murphy had this to say:

The EU vote is the most dramatic illustration to date of how the “guiding elites” of many Western countries have lost the fealty and trust of their populations. Of the gap between ordinary citizens, facing the challenges of daily life, and the swaddled, well-off and pious tribes of those who govern them, and increasingly govern them with a mixture of moralistic superiority and witless condescension.

Ah, the “guiding elites” … sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We have those in Canada, too, and they are the source of all evil in today’s world.

Like parents, they think they have the right to tell the rest of us what to think and feel. The Liberals in Canada are the prime example of this “mental disease”, and the Eurocrats in Brussels are just as bad, if not worse.

For starters, members of these elites are, as Mr. Murphy rightly points out, pampered, living in a place far removed from the reality of everyday life that the rest of us find ourselves in. They only look out for their own interests (that is, stealing our hard-earned money), and any objections or contrarian ideas are strictly prohibited.

It is not surprising, therefore, that some Eurocrats have been overheard saying things like, “We should have the death penalty for those who express their thoughts freely in contradicting what we stand for and what we tell them to think.” Or one prominent German serving in the EU apparatus who said, just a few years ago, “We should invade and annex Austria again if those Austrians don’t fall in line.”

Unfortunately, the elites in Ottawa are just as bad – and under Justin Trudeau’s regime, it has gotten even worse. But there will be a rude awakening for him and others like him. The world is realigning itself. Brexit was just step one, Donald Trump’s election as president of the US will be step two, and Canada’s next election in 2019 (Canada always lags behind when it comes to global trends) will produce a result that will be in accordance with what the world will look like by then.

In other words, people will rise up against the establishment and the “guiding elites” and give them the kind of spanking that’s been long overdue.

People can think for themselves, they don’t need “parents” telling them what to do or elites that keep feeding us lies that we are supposed to believe and repeat ad nauseam under threat of punishment and sanctions.

Colby Cosh also had some interesting ideas about Brexit and Canada’s reaction to it:

Look at the list of imprecations being hurled at Leave voters Friday, many of them by Canadians. They’re “small-minded,” “isolationist,” “short-sighted,” “fact-blind,” “racist” countryside boobs without vision or understanding. Couldn’t all these epithets be turned on us like a gun-barrel? Who speaks for, even contemplates, the discarded project of American Union — which was once a lively concern, actively advocated by some of the first people to call themselves Canadian in the modern sense?

Perfect example of the (Canadian) elites’ hypocrisy – do and think as we preach, while we never do and think what we preach.

As Mr. Cosh explains in his article, why would the elites in Canada attack Britain for a decision that they themselves don’t want to take? If being part of a supranational monstrosity is such a wonderful thing, and rejecting the idea is such a crime that only xenophobes or racists are capable of, why, then, hasn’t Canada joined forces with the US – or better yet, with the US and Mexico?

Why hasn’t Canada abandoned its currency and adopted the US dollar – or, perhaps, an entirely new and artificial currency? Monopoly money, anyone?

Why hasn’t Canada relinquished legislative powers to an agency of unelected bureaucrats operating halfway around the world? Surely, that would be much more preferable than running a House of Commons and a Senate in Ottawa.

Well, the answer to that is, as I explained elsewhere already, that “Canada” is as much of an artificial construct as the EU, with Ottawa playing the role of Brussels, and the provinces playing the part of member-states.

Just as Brussels doesn’t like losing control over nation-states it has beaten into submission, Ottawa doesn’t want to lose any of the provinces either – although it will happen here too, with Québec and possibly Alberta and British Columbia forming their own countries in a not so distant future.

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