The hate-on for Donald Trump on display just about everywhere has caused a lot of people to lose their marbles, to put it mildly.

I can fully understand and appreciate that Mr. Trump isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I, too, see a lot of flaws in the man. But I do support a lot of the things he’s said and is promoting, because I have been saying some of those things myself for years, if not decades.

More importantly, Donald Trump has become a kind of Rorschach test with which to analyze people in general or those around you.

For example, I know people who have shared many of my views on a number of issues – the economy, taxes or immigration – but who now have done a one-eighty out of fear of being linked or associated with Mr. Trump somehow.

People who I know for a fact used to have the same views on immigration, for instance, as Mr. Trump are suddenly speaking up against him. They keep posting memes on social media and don’t seem to miss an opportunity to poke fun at or lash into Mr. Trump – or anyone who dares to write something favourable about the guy.

Maybe they do so only on social media, that is, in public, because they don’t have the necessary backbone to stand up for their beliefs, having seen the backlash that Mr. Trump and others like him have attracted.

Or maybe they really did change their views, because Mr. Trump has rendered themĀ taboo.

Regardless, in either case it’s a simple matter of throwing in the towel and allowing one’s backbone to turn to jelly.

An idea or concept is not invalidated because a person generally considered inappropriate happens to support it.

Mr. Trump’s recent address to the US Congress is a case in point. By all objective standards, it was a marvellous speech. Even Liberal Warren Kinsella admitted on TV that he was blown away by it, not having expected such a statesman-like speech from Mr. Trump.

One commentator, and Trump opponent, on CNN (or “Clinton News Network) no less, came out and called it the moment Mr. Trump truly became the President of the US.

But those whose backbone has turned to mush and/or who have allowed themselves to be blinded – by hate, cowardice, political correctness, etc. – will attack anyone who has something positive to say about this particular speech.

Give it a try yourself. Go to your social media accounts and write something positive about the Trump speech. You’ll soon see who your real friends and/or followers are.

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