Beware fake-news polls

We used to call them “push polls”, but a more appropriate term in this day and age – it’s 2017, after all – would be “fake-news polls”. And no one does it better than Nanos, a polling company that has traditionally slanted its polls to favour whatever their Liberal cronies espouse at any given time.

The most recent example of a fake-news poll by Nanos arrived on my tablet just the other day:

Two-thirds of Canadians approve of Ottawa’s climate regulations

That this isn’t, and can’t, be the truth is clear to anyone with as few as a handful of healthy brain cells.

While Canadians aren’t generally as smart about spotting Big Government issues, such as overtaxation, as Americans and Brits are, even they have caught on to the scam that’s been under way right across the country – and most prominently in Ontario.

Ontarians are suffering, quite literally, because a substantial number of them have to forgo putting food on the table in order to pay for electricity, at rates artificially inflated as a result of “climate change measures” implemented by their I-believe-in-global-warming-and-I’ll-carbon-tax-the-hell-out-of-everything-and-everyone premier, Kathleen Wynne. (Ah, and there’s the operative word, believe, because environmentalism is no longer about clean air and water, or protecting animal and plant life, no, it’s become a religion, an ideology (of the left), which brainwashes people into believing that Western civilization (and, of course, capitalism) must be destroyed, with everyone being forced to live like in the Stone Age, in order to save the planet from the ills inflicted on it by humanity.)

Who can forget that poor woman in Ontario, attending a town hall meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who cried her heart out at her miserable financial situation, and was fobbed off by the Prime Minister with a flimsy and trite non-explanation that none of her hardship had anything to do with him?

No, believe you me, people aren’t in favour of carbon taxes, no matter what pro-Liberal Nanos may claim on the basis of its cooked and fake polling numbers. In fact, more and more Canadians are waking up each day realizing that “man-made global warming” is a fairy-tale devoid of even a kernel of truth.

No, there’s no way that two-thirds of Canadians would willingly and voluntarily ask their federal and/or provincial governments to tax them even more than they already do (let’s keep in mind that Canadians pay up to 50% of their hard-earned income back to the taxman, and, yes, that includes and affects also the working poor and the poor).

The Liberals won’t be getting away with this forever, and anti-elite sentiments are making themselves felt in Canada too, more and more each day, not just in Europe and in the United States.

There could be a rude awakening for the Liberals come 2019 when Canadians head to the polling stations again. At the rate at which anger and frustration are building, Mr. Trudeau could easily find himself tarred and feathered and be carried off to a steep cliff, taking one final selfie before he’s thrown, deservedly, into the abyss, while Canadians chant, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

Now that would truly be an environmentally-friendly act. Mother Nature would be eternally grateful.

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