Bald-faced lie: Canadian elites are safe

The elites and their mouthpieces are making me laugh. There has been a drastic rise in the number of opinion columns recently that seem to promise Canadians, and the world, that Trumpism, Brexit, Front National, etc. cannot possibly happen in good and decent Canada. In fact, I see one such untruthful column at least once every day. Even The Economist recently published an unctuous encomium about Canada that contained only about 10 per cent of truth and fact.

Yes, it is true that Canadians, when compared to Americans and Brits these days, don’t have much of a problem with immigration – but an overwhelming majority of Canadians are against immigrants who fail to integrate and are not willing to learn the language of the land.

Yes, it is true that most Canadians were on board with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada. But that picture would have changed drastically if Canadians had been faced with millions of, mostly hostile and dangerous, invaders as Europeans have, rather than the vetted and hand-picked refugees Canada chose. Canadians would not have stood for such conditions, turning our streets into raging streams of blood.

What The Economist and all other articles on the subject have failed to mention is that this new sense of revolution has been born of the fact that a vast majority of (ordinary) people in the US, Britain and elsewhere, including in Canada, feel ignored and silenced, and have felt so for a very long time.

Most people in Canada aren’t rich or well-off by anyone’s standards, yet this majority is being overlooked on a regular basis (like everywhere else). Anger and frustration are festering and are creeping, slowly but surely, to the surface.

Mr. Trudeau got himself elected in 2015 on the promise of substantial tax cuts to the middle class. Only problem is that his tax cuts benefited only a tiny fraction of Canadians, that is, those defined as upper, upper middle class and lower upper class. The vast majority of hard-working Canadians got … zilch!

Too bad, but the establishment/elite knows best.

Another solemn promise Mr. Trudeau made was that he was going to change the way Canadians elect members of parliament. Well, he himself pretty much admitted recently that the current system had worked well for his Liberal Party, so we’d better not expect any changes.

Too bad, but the establishment/elite knows best.

Mr. Trudeau also implemented a new system for appointing senators. Any Canadian who meets certain requirements, such as owning property in a province, can nominate himself or herself to a list of candidates and hope that the prime minister chooses him or her.

Unfortunately, as before, only members of the establishment/elite made it to the senate in the most recent appointments. Ordinary folks have been ignored yet again.

One regular, ordinary Canadian who had applied for a senate position, has this to say:

“There’s a lot of people out here in the working class,” he said. “I’ve been selling hot dogs here for over 33 years. I meet every kind of person. White-collar, blue-collar, no collar at all. … They’re tired of hearing of the VIPs getting all the big jobs.” The Senate should include people who really think about how decisions affect the working class, the poor, those on the streets and with mental health issues, Scanlon argued. For his part, Britton wondered whether the new senators know “what that feeling is when you get up in the morning and you go, ‘I worked my butt off yesterday but there’s no guarantee I’ll have a job tomorrow.’ ” Or, “What it’s like to tell your kid again, ‘No, we don’t have the money for that, we’ve got to save more.’ And knowing that you’re not able to save more.”

The sentiments and thoughts expressed by this individual represent the majority of Canadians – that is, anyone who is not part of the establishment/elite. Like their predecessors, the most recent senators don’t have any clue about real life in Canada.

The ordinary Canadians quoted in the above article aren’t deranged racists, misogynists or boors, but hard-working regular folks who feel that they have not been listened to and that all the elites ever do is tell them what to think, say or do.

Does this sound familiar? It sure does, because these words are not unlike those uttered by supporters of Donald Trump or those who voted for Brexit.

Still think that this type of revolution of ordinary folks can’t happen in Canada?

Next time you read a column in a newspaper in (English) Canada on this subject, take a good look at its author. You will immediately see that he/she is a member of the establishment (unlike in Québec, where there are more independent, truth-telling columnists) who is trying to brainwash you into believing that all is good and that there’s no reason to get upset about your condition and station in life.

They are afraid, of course, those members of the elite club, because they know that their future holds thousands and thousands of pitchforks, with some tar and feathers thrown into the mix for good measure.

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