Anchors aweigh, 2017 here we come!

I recently came across an international survey that measured how well people in various countries around the world knew their respective countries. The British and the Dutch know themselves and their countries extremely well, according to the survey results, but Canadians came in thirtieth – in other words, the vast majority of Canadians don’t know their country and by all rights should not be allowed to vote (as the 2015 federal elections amply demonstrated). I took the time to answer the survey questions and obtained a full score.

Questions revolved around economic and socio-demographic data, such as the percentage of Canadians who are for or against same-sex marriage or the percentage that Muslims represent of the overall population.

That is to say, knowing the answers to these questions is the first prerequisite for being a voter and, at the same time, a politician. Without such knowledge, no one can claim to enter the voting booth informed or to be capable of running the country as a prime minister or even just a member of Parliament.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Canadians, who do not possess that particular knowledge, elected Justin Trudeau prime minister in 2015, with Mr. Trudeau himself not being able to answer the survey questions correctly. Let’s just say, Canadians were dealt a double-whammy of incompetence on that fateful and sad day in October 2015.

Having said that, I have made a resolution for the new year regarding this website. Even more than before, I will emphasize the things that aren’t working in politics and suggest alternatives that might – and educate clueless Canadians about what is what, so that they don’t make the same mistake again in 2019. (Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of space for non-Canadian topics too).

Those who know me understand that I cannot be labelled as right of centre or left of centre, because my compass is always pointed to what is the right thing to do and to what makes good sense.

Thus I applaud the Alberta (NDP, i.e., left-wing) government’s efforts to diversify, at long last, the Albertan economy, while I also support Maxime Bernier’s running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), as his ideas make perfect sense and would make Canada a much better, and more competitive, country.

By the same token, all the other CPC leadership candidates are duds, especially Kellie Leitch, who has decided to out-Trump Donald Trump for no other reason than to do just that, but without any real concern about or genuine ideas for Canada.

As regular readers well know, I detest double standards, hypocrisy and political correctness. These flaws are found everywhere on the political spectrum, and no political ideology or party has a monopoly on any of these. It is also my firm belief, based on simple observation and functioning brain cells, that most politicians in our world today don’t really deserve to be in the positions that they are in. They either pursue policies that are disastrously wrong, or they are corrupt to the core.

And speaking of double standards, I am getting sick and tired of hearing that Donald Trump is not a politician, that he has no experience in politics whatsoever, and that, therefore, he will be a catastrophe for the United States of America.

These are the words of criticism we constantly hear from the losing side, the political left, the Democrats in the United States, and supporters of Hillary Clinton. Now, I’m not saying that these descriptions of Mr. Trump are false or correct, because at this point we simply do not know yet. But what I will say is that this is the perfect example of a double standard and hypocrisy.

Mr. Trump is being attacked every day by the political left and the left-leaning media, not because these accusations are necessarily true, but simply because he represents the wrong couleur. By all rights, though, all these things could be said, and should be said, about Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

He has no experience in politics, never was a politician or held political office before the 2015 election. Unlike Mr. Trump, who has been a big success in what he did before, Mr. Trudeau has been a failure in everything he has attempted in his life. He failed as an actor, because he is no good at it, nor did he manage to become a real teacher, opting instead to teach drama, an area in which he failed yet again.

Mr. Trump’s flashiness and narcissism are being criticized, whereas when Mr. Trudeau exhibits those same personal flaws, the media celebrate him. What can be said for sure in Mr. Trump’s favour is that, if he gets his temper somewhat under control, he will know how to run and manage an administration, because that is what he has done all his life… in the private sector, and now he merely has to apply those skills to running the United States.

Mr. Trudeau, unfortunately has no such skills at all, and even after one year on the job, it is clear that he hasn’t learned anything. So, if these alleged shortcomings that the media keep identifying in Mr. Trump are of such a crucial importance, then journalists should be screaming at the top of their lungs where Mr. Trudeau is concerned as well.

It is absolutely true that Mr. Trump has the potential of causing big trouble for the United States and even for the world at large, but in the case of Mr. Trudeau, one doesn’t have to talk hypothetically anymore, because the damage he has inflicted on Canadians in just one year is already in plain view, such as ever-growing deficits, exploding national debt, a sluggish economy and Canadians who are getting poorer and poorer all the time.

Canada is not a superpower, so anything that goes wrong there well not necessarily have a ripple effect throughout the world in the way America exerts its influence over the globe. But for the people who live in that country, Canada, Mr. Trudeau’s failures are no less severe and disastrous.

That the media keep supporting Mr. Trudeau while maligning Mr. Trump, on purely ideological grounds, rather than on the basis of facts and common sense, is the reason why more and more people are turning against the establishment and the elites.

Democracy not only seems, but actually is, under serious attack from all sides these days. And this will not stop until the elites stop spreading their misguided views and selling them as the Gospel. Democracy will only be restored when people see for themselves that they are no longer being lied to and brainwashed by the establishment. So, if one characteristic is considered bad in one person or politician, then it must be so for everybody else too.

Mr. Trudeau promised us back in 2015 that all politics and policies will be based on facts. So far, Canadians are still waiting to see any facts whatsoever behind any of the measures taken by Mr. Trudeau up to this point. Whether it be the enhanced Canada Pension Plan contributions or his policies on climate change, none of this has even a trace of fact-based evidence. As a matter fact, it has all been entirely fake so far.

The media, therefore, should learn from their mistakes and at least start taking baby steps towards improvement, such as by shedding their pathological penchant for double standards and hypocrisy. People expect the media to tell them the truth and provide them with facts, not innuendo or bias.

As for me, everyone will be treated equally and fairly by me. I don’t judge a book by its cover. It is through their actions that our politicians show their true colours, and it is that spectral analysis that will and does inform my commentary and conclusions.

Happy 2017 to everyone!

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